We are known for maintaining highest standards of productivity, quality and quick turnaround, which has also been acknowledged time and again by our esteemed associates. We believe in the theory "Whatever Committed Must be Delivered".

We are empowered by the latest of technologies to handle the heterogeneous requirements of our customers. But its never enough as we always come across new inventions during our researches, primarily aimed at improving the quality, efficiency and economy for our customer.
mosquito repellent coils, liquid toilet cleaner, gas mantles
We believe that people are our biggest assets, people who have long years of experience in the industry, people for whom quality is the way of life. we have skilled workforce led by a team of dedicated management and engineering professionals who believe in team work and are personally involved at every stage of production to maintain "zero defect supplies".

Sincerity and dedication combined with the precision and skill of our people is what keeps us ahead in a highly demanding industry. So we expect, our clients, to expect, products of the highest standards form us.

Under our business expansion plan, we invite proposals to manufacture more leading brands even if it amounts to diversification or expansion of our manufacturing base.